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Ophthalmology :: Program Information
LSU / Ochsner
State: Louisiana
Positions: 8
Years: 3
Average USMLE Step 1 Score of interviewed applicants: 227
Average USMLE Step 2 Score of interviewed applicants: 250
Percentage of applicants offered interviews who were AOA: 42%

Applied, Received Interview:
00008, University of Virginia, Step 1: 240, Step 2: 262
00010, University of South Dakota, Step 1: 225, Step 2: 223
00016, Anonymous, Step 1: 222, Step 2: 238
00178, Anonymous, Step 1: 233, Step 2: 255
00452, Anonymous, Step 1: 227, Step 2: 253
00607, Tulane University, Step 1: 219, Step 2: 242
02671, Louisiana State University, New Orleans, Step 1: 243, Step 2: 247
02674, Georgetown University, Step 1: 228, Step 2: 241
02686, University of Texas, Southwestern, Step 1: 253, Step 2: 256, AOA
03071, Louisiana State University, New Orleans, Step 1: 233, Step 2: 250
03156, Anonymous, Step 1: 249, Step 2: 262
03682, Anonymous, Step 1: 238, Step 2: 238
03837, University of South Carolina, Step 1: 244, Step 2: 261, AOA
03871, Anonymous, Step 1: 240, Step 2: 238
14009, Tulane University, Step 1: 247, Step 2: 245
14223, Florida International University, Step 1: 258, Step 2: 256
14236, Louisiana State University, New Orleans, Step 1: 248, Step 2: 246
14238, Anonymous, Step 1: 256, Step 2: 275, AOA
14251, Anonymous, Step 1: 25

Applied, No Interview:
00487, University of Wisconsin, Step 1: 216
02626, University of Louisville, Step 1: 211, Step 2: 220
03107, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Step 1: 231
03176, University of Louisville, Step 1: 236, Step 2: 226
03632, Wright State University, Step 1: 211, Step 2: 236

Interview Experiences
Not too organized. One-on-one interviews
The interview day was broken into morning and afternoon sessions. One group of interviewees would be interviewing while the other group would be touring the facilities at Ochsner. During lunch, everyone came together and lectures on the ophthalmology and
Went out with the residents the night before, a lot of fun. 5 interviews. Laid back, tour of facilities/NOLA.
~7 interviews (one with the chiefs). All very friendly. Long interview day.
about 5 one-on-one interviews and 1 3-on-1 interview
3:1, 2:1 and 1:1 interviews. Very friendly faculty. Residents took applicants out to a bar on Magazine street for 'Hurricanes,' a local favorite martini. Very fun and social group. Tour of New Orleans the day of interview with on a party bus.
Good, mix of 1-1, 2-1 and 3-1 interviews, well organized
Program Advantages
Matching into this program provides an automatic match into the preliminary internal medicine program at Ochsner, which is excellent. The research facilities are well-staffed and well-equipped. Much has been invested to improve the technology for both res
Solid clinical training. New Orleans
Great new cornea chair. Good clinical exposure. Decent surgical #'s. Residents are really fun. New Orleans.
New Orleans is a fun city, program is recovering with a new VA and county under construction; short days ending around 3-4 PM; good chairwoman
The Big Easy. Excellent surgical exposure, incredible pathology, surical volume decent but should increase with decrease to 6 residents. New cornea Chairwoman is really cool, very well known.
Very good exposure, supportive faculty, decent research opportunities
Program Disadvantages
have to do rotations in locations up to 2 hrs away. Away rotations make up almost 1/2 of time. smaller faculty
If you match into the program, you either need to stay with the preliminary medicine match at Ochsner and use up an elective for ophthalmology at the end of the year, or schedule vacation time during the last month of your internship at a different prelim
Travel to multiple locations around the state
Program rep seems to be on the upswing. Lots of commuting: 4.5-6 months/year you are put up in housing outside New Orleans.
lots of travel but decreasing over the past year and will likely decrease with the completion of the VA and county;
Have to travel to Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette for clinic/surgical cases. Apparently more time will be spent in New Orleans, however, with switch to 6 residents (which was secondary to Luisiana health care state budget cuts)
LOTS of traveling