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Welcome to the Otolaryngology subsite of The goal of this site is to help medical students interested in Otolaryngology reduce some of the mystery of the process, answering questions such as:
  - Where have students from my medical school interviewed in the past?
  - How do my USMLE scores compare to past successful applicants?
  - What impressions have prior applicants had of specific programs?

See summary overviews of the comments and demographic information of applicants interviewing and rotating at specific residency programs:
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Perform an advanced search of specific demographic and academic information of prior applicants, including USMLE scores, class rank, AOA membership, and interviews and acceptances.
  Search Profiles is a free, community-driven site intended to help prior residency applicants share their experiences with medical students entering the application process. This is the site for Otolaryngology; other specialties are featured on other subsites. Click here to switch to a different specialty.
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