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Neurosurgery :: Program Information
Stanford U
State: California
Freida: 160-05-21-012
Positions: 2
Years: 6
Average USMLE Step 1 Score of interviewed applicants: 250
Average USMLE Step 2 Score of interviewed applicants: 244
Percentage of applicants offered interviews who were AOA: 50%

Applied, Received Interview:
00477, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Step 1: 248, AOA
02319, Anonymous, Step 1: 252, Step 2: 244, AOA

Applied, No Interview:
00476, Anonymous, Step 1: 233
02614, University of South Dakota, Step 1: 228, Step 2: 237

Interview Experiences
Single day, only interviewed with faculty. Most residents did not come to the dinner.
Program Advantages
Strong research, vascular. Good placement in academics.
Program Disadvantages
Weak operative experience/independence until 6/7 years. Chiefs of varying quality. Emphasis on research>operative skills.