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Profile #00038
Match Year:  2007
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Academic Information
USMLE Step 1:  257
USMLE Step 2:  257

AOA:  Selected
Class Rank:  Top 10%

Family Medicine:  Honors Internal Medicine:  Honors
Pediatrics:  Honors Surgery:  Honors
Neurology:  Honors Psychiatry:  Honors
OB/Gyn:  Honors Dermatology:  Honors

  Loma Linda U:
- Applied

Match Experience
I attended an average medical school and had zero publcations. I applied to about 80 schools and got 19 interview offers. Most of them came after thanksgiving and 3 were off wait lists. For some carzy reason, everyone likes research, although 98% of applicants will never do any type of research after they get in. Do it if you can. When you interview, be yourself and be relazed by giving honest answers. Doing so will make you stadn out and put more credit towards the rest of the interview. I got very lucky and matched the first time around. Best of luck!

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